Multi-angle LED Tri-proof Floodlights

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  • Brand name:abk
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Product details
  • Brand name:abk

Product Features

1. Die-casting alloy shell with highpressure electrostatic powder spray, high strength and corrosion resistance.

2. Integrated design,external power,attractive appearance,sufficient heatdissipation.

3. Silicone rubber sealed, excellent performanceof protection and ageing-resistant , adaptto kinds of awful environments.

4. High-quality LED chips, high luminousefficiency, good color rendering, anti-impact and vibration resistance.

5.Non-imagingsecondary optical design, optional light emitting angle, adjustable radiation angle,spotlighting for different distances or ranges.

6. Constantcurrent drive, wide range input, intelligent protective circuit, stableoperation,ultra-long life.

7. ExcellentEMC design, no interferes to electric power systems or other electrical equipments.

8. Variety installationtypes, flexible optional.

Applicable scopes

Factory, power station, port and pier, storage yard,beacon, lighting bridges, construction site, stadium, building etc.

Environmentsexposed to the rain, with water vapor, dust, or corrosive gas.


MP-80Treplace 150W metal halide lamps and other similar traditional lamps withequivalent.

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